Omar is a designer, 3D artist and animator.

With a keen interest in Art and Design from a very young age and a strong educational background embellished with Photography and Film studies, Omar studied Fine art and Design at the University of Granada.

When Omar completed his undergraduate degree, he got an internship in Granada Film Factory, a CGI Animation company based in Granada, Spain. He enjoyed working as a 3D Artist and Animator in this Internship where he worked on Modelling and doing Previsualization Animation.

Omar’s interest in the animation and videogame industry led him to get accepted onto the Masters in Animation course at the Glasgow School of Art in Scotland.

During his Masters he developed his skills through working on several animated short films on his own and also through working with some of his classmates for his Master final project “The Old Shoemaker”. Omar’s roles in this project included creating the Original Idea of the Story, Character design, Modelling of Characters, Environments and Props, Unwrapping and Animating

Throughout his life, Omar has always been fascinated by videogames and their creation, and in his spare time enjoys playing a variety of different games. He also has a personal interest in the entire film-making process and industry and enjoys watching, analysing and researching different movies.





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